Battered  Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody:

"A National Crisis"

The 13th Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference
"Custody Litigation, Trauma, and Recovery"
May 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2018

Ben Atherton-Zeman

Phyllis Chesler

Erin Miller

​Moshe Rozdzial

Wendy Murphy

Joan Meier

Donna Anderson

Mo Hannah

Dara Carlin

Toby Kleinman

Barry Goldstein

Connie Valentine

Chris O'Sullivan

Ellen Gutowski

Jennifer Collins

Alan Rosenfeld

Ruth Glenn

​​Lundy Bancroft

Renee Mazur

Maralee McLean

We received live coverage on Saturday morning by WNYT, Albany Channel 13!  

Patrice Lenowitz and Mo Hannah were interviewed about the conference and the Sat. evening play, Forbidden to Protect.

Helen Hailes

Nancy S. Erickson

Elsa Newman

Fletcher Fox



Lisa Fischel-Wolovick

Kathy Jones

Tynia Canada

Joy Silburg

​Patrice Lenowitz

Chrys Ballerano

Betsy Stando

Evan Stark