BEN ATHERTON-ZEMAN   International speaker and performer

LUNDY BANCROFT, Author of Why Does He Do That, The Batterer as Parent, and other books, articles, and presentations on battering dynamics

LEE BARNETT  Formerly incarcerated protective mother whose story was covered by CBS News 48 Hours and by the media in Australia


DARA CARLIN  Domestic Violence Survivor, Advocate & Protective Mother

RHONDA LEE CASE   Protective mother

PHYLLIS CHESLER  Author, Mothers on Trial

HOLLY COLLINS   Protective Mother

JENNIFER COLLINS  Child Advocate, Leader of Courageous Kids


NANCY S. ERICKSON, ESQ.  Attorney, Law Professor, Author


BARRY GOLDSTEIN, ESQ.   Author/Editor of four books on battering and custody\ 

MAUDE GORMAN  Miss Massachusetts World



DANA HANUSZCZAK    Organizer, Voices of Women Organizing Project

KEITH HARMON SNOW   Author, Worst Interests of the Child

STORMY HAYES   Protective Mother

TOBY KLEINMAN, ESQ.   Child custody expert and author

LIANE LEEDOM   Author, Just Like His Father

DORCHEN LEIDHOLDT   Director, Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services, Sanctuary
for Families, NYC

PATRICE LENOWITZ  Advocate and activist, Founder, The Nurtured Parent

DOREEN LUDWIG  Protective Mother, Author of “Motherless America: Confronting Welfare’s Fatherhood  Custody Program,” Advocate, Founder of “Mothers Against Court Custody Abuse/MACCAbuse”

RENEE MAZER, ESQ.   Attorney, Protective Mother

MARILEE MCLEAN   DV Advocate, Author, Prosecuted But Not Silenced

LISA MEHOS   Certified Yoga Instructor; Teach Love NYC, Protective Mother


PATRICIA MITCHELL    Professional Photographer and Founder of "Patricia's Children",  a non-profit giving a voice to innocent parents/victims of CPS and foster children (web site in process).  See her article, The Comprehensive CPS Report April 2016; find her info at

WENDY MURPHY, ESQ.   Author, And Justice For Some, law professor, victims' advocate and TV commentator

ELSA NEWMAN, ESQ.    Attorney, Advocate, Author, and Former incarcerated Protective Mother

HOPE NEWTON, Parent Advocate, Organizer, Voices of Women Organizing Project

ELIZABETH A. RICHTER    ADA Advocate/Writer/Teacher

KATHLEEN RUSSELL    Founding Executive Director, Center for Judicial Excellence;

                                             President, Kathleen Russell Consulting

TOM SHANAHAN, ESQ.   NYC Based Civil Rights Attorney

ANNE STEVENSON  Journalist  

ANITA TARNAI  Educator, Protective Mother

KAYTE THOMAS  Advocate, Clinical Social Worker, Protective Mother

​LISA A. TIESZEN, MA, LICSW   Project Director of the Advocate Education & Support Project (AESP) at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston

DEANNE UPSON  Protective Mother

CONNIE VALENTINE   Co-Founder, California Protective Parents Association and Mothers of Lost Children

GARLAND WALLER Professor; Producer, Small Justice and No Way Out But One

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The Thirteenth Annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference May 4th, 5th, and 6th 2018  Albany, NY